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Glove Making Machine

Glove Making Machine

Installation, Adjusting & Commissioning:


Installation and Adjusting: If required, the seller will dispatch the technician to your country for installation, adjusting the machine and training the workers at your plant. This price is inclusive of the fee of installation and debugging. However the buyer should take on all costs required during our technician’s stay in the buyer’s country, including round airplane tickets, accommodation, and food .

  • Glove Making Machine
  • Glove Making Machine
  • Glove Making Machine


Machine Introduction:

The disposable glove machine is successfully researches and developed by our factory through accumulating many years of experience in the production of high and low pressure bag-making machines.Replacing the original electric heating wire model homemade equipment,it has advantages such as stable product quality,automatic control,easy to operate and maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for batch production of HD/LDPE film gloves.The main power of the machine adopts inverter motor with stable performance and low noise.The control part adopts single chip microcomputer control, and adopt stepping motor and actuator, which have such advantages as low maintenance rate and low noise.

Technical Parameter

Producing Length200-400mm
Producing width270-330mm
Film thickness0.008-0.02mm
Producing Speed40-200pcs/min
Main Power10 Kw
G. Power4Kw
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)2300*1190*1500mm

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