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Face Mask Making Machine

The fully automatic disposable surgical medical face mask making machine is a fully automatic mask production line, which includes a blank mask making machine and two sets of mask earring outer welding machines. It can produce 120-150 complete blank masks per minute. Mask specifications: 3-layer non-woven filter mask. Compared with a single independent mask making machine, it combines an automatic conveyor belt and a connection port. The unique design not only improves production efficiency and reduces costs, but also minimizes manual participation and reduces the risk of masks during the production process. .

Main Features of Face Mask Making Machine

Complete servo motor drive and control system to ensure the stability of the mask machine when running at a speed of 110 pcs/min

For the integrated control of the mask machine unit, you can stop or start the entire mask machine production line on the mask body forming unit of the mask machine or on the ear hook welding unit of the mask machine

The earhooks automatically fold inwards, without affecting the speed of the mask production line

Face Mask Making Machine Use Process

Unroll the non-woven roll and align the material

Fold the material on the inner string

Form and weld the mask material to seal the string inside the mask

Cut the mask roll into pieces

Flip the mask 180 degrees

Placing and welding elastic ear straps

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