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What are the Five Wrong Ways to Wear a Mask?

May. 19, 2021

As a Mask Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

The first type: No matter what kind of mask, just wear it

Walking on the street, we often see all kinds of masks, such as cartoon, disposable, and cotton. These people wearing masks are purely psychological comfort. The masks mentioned above can keep warm, have a concave shape, keep dust away, and block a sneeze. But just now in the smog days that burst out at every turn, your masks are just decorations! Remember, you must wear a professional anti-haze mask on a haze day.

The second type: Don't wear the mask tightly for fear of being suffocated

Some people have chosen the right mask, but there is a problem with the way they wear them. As if I was always afraid of suffocating myself, I obviously watched the mask worn loosely. In fact, if you wear a mask like this, it is better not to wear it, because after a long period of crime, you still suck a lot of haze. The correct way is to fit the mask tightly to the face, pinch the nose clip tightly, and do not adjust the rope too loosely.

Face Mask Making Machine

Face Mask Making Machine

The third type: do not wear it at all in public places

There were smog masks outside. They were wearing masks strictly. As soon as they got on the train or subway, they took off the masks and breathed. Do you think you are... Although there is less smog in a closed public place, there are not many germs and dust at all. If you don't want to be infected by the flu today, put on a mask as soon as possible!

The fourth type: The smog outside is so heavy, I will wear it even if it is suffocated to death

Although it is true that you should wear a mask when you go out in such a heavy smog, you feel dizzy and dizzy when you wear a mask, and you are about to faint, and you still don’t give up, which is a bit too... Masks are not something you can wear if you want. Yes, patients with heart disease, emphysema, and asthma are not suitable for wearing masks, and pregnant women are not allowed to wear masks for a long time.

The fifth type: Wear the mask for too long

One mask for one month? Wear a mask 24 hours a day, do you want to wear it when you sleep? This is abnormal behavior. Wearing a mask for a long time will breed a lot of bacteria, and the particulate matter deposited in the mask will be overloaded and will be absorbed by the user again. Therefore, masks must be changed frequently. In addition, always wearing a mask can easily become hypoxic, which is not good for the body.

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