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How to Install the Transmission Part of the Flat Face Mask Machine?

Jun. 30, 2021

The installation work of the mask machine is relatively cumbersome. If you do not know how to install it, it will cause the equipment to be unusable. Many netizens have asked "How to install the transmission part of the flat face mask machine?" Next, please ask Mask Machine Manufacturer to answer this question.

Face Mask Making Machine

Face Mask Making Machine

The installation steps of the transmission part of the flat face mask machine are as follows:

1. Install the sprocket: The installation of the sprocket is directly related to the smooth operation of the equipment conveying device, and it will also affect the service life of the conveying device. When installing, remember these points:

①The levelness of the shaft must be ensured, and the level can be used for testing, and the accuracy is required to be within ±1/300.

② Correct the deviation of a set of sprocket, the distance between the shafts is controlled within a certain range, if the distance is within 1m, the accuracy is within 1mm, if the distance is above 10m, the accuracy is within 10mm

③To fix the sprocket on the shaft, you can use the key of the keyway, the tension sleeve and other tools. The two tooth positions on the shaft should be one-to-one corresponding and fixed.

2. Center positioning: In the chain conveyor belt of the flat face mask machine, the chain should travel along the guide rail. Whether the guide rail is installed well or not is related to the working accuracy. Generally speaking, the center positioning of the transmission chain must be correct, otherwise the chain snaking, which will affect life.

3. Guide rail: The guide rail is generally easy to wear. The guide rail material and the chain material of the flat face mask machine should match. The more commonly used materials are plastic material and rolled steel.

①Before installation, judge the service life of the chain and the material of the guide rail.

②The hardness of the guide rail material should be lower than that of the chain material, and the surface wear should be determined. Generally, the guide rail material is required to be smooth.

③After installation, a test run is required. Be careful not to forget to add lubricating oil, remove burrs, adjust the height difference and gap problems, and ensure that the rail connection of the flat face mask machine is in a smooth state.

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