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What is flexible packaging?

Dec. 27, 2021

What is flexible packaging?

As a term in the flexible packaging industry, flexible packaging is not well known to consumers, rather, due to its wide application in the packaged food industry, it is often directly classified as food packaging, or equivalent to food packaging. In a sense, there is nothing wrong with this statement, after all, this kind of packaging is ubiquitous in the packaged food industry, but at the same time, it should not be equated with food packaging, because the traditional rigid food packaging also belongs to this venue.

flexible packaging


So, what is the definition of flexible packaging?

1- It is a packaging made of plastic with a non-rigid packaging structure used to wrap and protect products, it is any package or any part of a package whose shape can be easily changed, common examples of flexible packaging are pre-made bags and rolls of packaging film.

2- It is a packaging method using rotogravure printing, this printing method can support up to 12 colors printing, providing the most vivid printing effect for the product and making it easier for consumers to remember your brand.

3- It is a laminated packaging, which means that all products are laminated by different plastics (not a single plastic).


As a once underestimated packaging, flexible packaging has become a new packaging trend and widely used in all walks of life, recyclability and cost effectiveness become its best selling point, with the progress of technology, in the near future, must replace the traditional rigid packaging step by step.


Types of flexible packaging

Regarding the types of flexible packaging,it is sorted as per”broad categories”and”narrow categories”.

✱By a broad categories

The flexible packaging types are separated into”flexible pouches”and”flexible film”.

✱By a narrow categories

It is divided into the different of subtypes of flexible packaging and matched the relative terminology.

Types of flexible packaging 

But the foil lid is an obviously exceptions,strictly speaking,it is belong to a type of flexible film(but not presented as the”roll film”),it need to be pre-cutted into a certain shape after the lamination process.