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High Speed Heat Forming Paper Rice Box Making Machine

High Speed Heat Forming Paper Rice Box Making Machine

  • High Speed Heat Forming Paper Rice Box Making Machine


Machine Introduction:

Take Away Food Box Making Machine

GP-ZH-600-2 is one of series of automatic lunch box making machines that are able to produce various paper food packaging. This type machine adapts to make a clamshell lunch box for packing fired rice, noodles and more dishes in China and kebab as well. It utilizes hot air to melt coating, mould heating press and servo motor drive to achieve the box forming. It adopts micro computer, PLC, photoelectric sensor, servo motor, frequency converter and more parts, which are from famous brands and guarantee steady working, smooth running, safety and reliability operation while reduce cost.

Machine Feature:

1:The station takes paper material and a sensor tracks if there is lack of paper material and give alarm, vacuum sucks the paper to transfer.

2: A chain transfer to convey the paper. Before the paper is sent for forming, the sensor will detect whether there is paper conveying in, if not, machine will alarm and stop.

3: For iron moulds, the mould needs to be heated 20 to 30 minutes in advance. The iron mould has little loss and has a working long life. And there is a sensor to company with collection to make an efficient forming and collecting.
4: Servo motor drives the collection equipment to work and pick finished products. Servo motor gives an effort to pick large size food packing and makes frequent picks with sensor.
5:This machine has double stations so that it can make different size or shape food packing at a same time with nothing affected with each station.

Technical Parameter

Paper materials
PE, PLA coated Paper
Production Capacity
Total 60-70 pcs/min
380V/220V 50Hz, Customized
Max 7KW
Max paper size
Packing size
Matching gas source requirements
0.4-0.5MPA needs to be equipped with Air compressor


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