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Elastic Ear Loop Fix Machine (Inner Type)

Elastic Ear Loop Fix Machine (Inner Type)

Installation, Adjusting & Commissioning:


- Installation and Adjusting: If required, the seller will dispatch the technician to your country for installation, adjusting the machine and training the workers at your plant. This price is inclusive of the fee of installation and debugging. However the buyer should take on all costs required during our technician’s stay in the buyer’s country, including round airplane tickets, accommodation, and food .

  • Elastic Ear Loop Fix Machine (Inner Type)
  • Elastic Ear Loop Fix Machine (Inner Type)


Machine Introduction:

This is the ideal machine to make mask loop inner seal. Machine adopts many set ultrasonic for seal.

it seal the elastic loop first, then seal two band at side.

Easy operation and tidy finished products.



Finish mask are widely used in anti-dust environment. Like clean room, hospital, hotel, and daily use.

Machine Feature:

This machine uses manual to place the rubber band of wrapping line in the conveyor belt box. The rubber band at both ends of the mask is automatically transported and sheared. It is welded firmly. It is a one-time machine-made equipment with high output, low scrap rate and easy to operate. The appearance adopts aluminum alloy structure.

Technical Parameter

power11kw (220V 3PHASE 50HZ) 
speed45~65 pcs/min
weight with pack600kg
air compressor6kg/c㎡

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