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Eco-friendly take-out and everything you need to know about take-out food containers

Jan. 20, 2022

Which disposable food containers should you use to maximize your customer experience? Learn all about sustainable, affordable and effective food containers.

In addition to providing our customers with great meals and memorable moments in restaurants, we want to provide them with the same great experience they have at home. Take-out food containers are an important part of the home dining experience. Will the food still be hot and fresh, crisp and tender? Not in the wrong container.

In the past, finding the best disposable food containers has been a challenge for chefs. Fortunately, a growing number of container options are becoming sustainable. 

In this guide, we will explore how to implement more sustainable food business practices by. 

1. The reasons more operators are choosing environmentally friendly food delivery packaging.

2. the best and most affordable sustainable packaging options that will maintain the flavor and quality of the food.


Why use eco-friendly food delivery packaging?

The following are reasons why your restaurant should consider eco-friendly packaging.

✴ Save the planet: A full 30 percent of municipal solid waste is made up of packaging waste, and restaurants contribute significantly to that number. Restaurants can change the world by reducing waste. 


✴ "Elevate your brand" - Consumers are increasingly cautious about restaurant packaging. Millennials are approximately 1.5 times more likely to purchase more sustainable products than similar competitors.

Before reading about the different eco-friendly delivery options, you need to understand the three types of packaging and choose the right one for your restaurant.


Eco-friendly take-out food container


What are the best eco-friendly food delivery packaging options.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is found everywhere and is known as "the fastest growing plant in the world. Its coarse fibers are perfect for making reusable and recyclable packaging and apparel. It is one of the more expensive packaging solutions on the market.


2. Banana Leaf

Banana leaf is antimicrobial, does not require deforestation or loss of animal habitat, and is cheap to produce. Banana leaf is a good choice for restaurant food containers and take-out boxes.


3. Paper or cardboard

Paper and cardboard are both abundant and recyclable. When using recycled or discarded wood or paper, there is little to no impact on the environment. The price varies depending on the company you order from, but it is very versatile and can be used to package all different types of food.


4. Bioplastics

Scientists have figured out how to make plastics from natural materials like corn and sugar. Depending on the bioplastic, the price may be slightly higher, but it's a better packaging option for consumers and the planet.

Eco-friendly packaging is not all created equally. When you purchase sustainable take-away packaging, look for take-away boxes with premium features such as

✴ Fully biodegradable, flip-top compostable containers that can handle hot and cold foods

✴ Recycled tote bags made from recycled materials that can be customized with your restaurant's name or logo

✴100% recycled cardboard take-out containers that are biodegradable and chlorine-free and can handle even the greasiest of foods

✴ Fiberboard made from fully compostable compressed sugarcane fiber

Wholesale sites are a good place to start when you're looking for biodegradable food containers.

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Food containers for different dishes

Pizza delivery: why paper or cardboard is always the first choice for pizza delivery Corrugated cardboard boxes provide insulation and temperature regulation. Some air escapes to prevent condensation and humidity.

Hot food: Choose PP heat-resistant lids to keep hot food. You need heat-resistant solutions that keep food warm without heating the outside of the container.

Heavy plates: Choose aluminum foil for heavy, greasy or liquid-filled plates - aluminum is recyclable and very affordable.

Crispy foods: The award-winning Fry Baby container costs less than a coated cardboard box and holds a fried food perfectly during take-out or delivery, maintaining perfect crispness for 30 minutes, releasing moisture and condensation while maintaining temperature. It is also reusable and recyclable.

Crispy food: The EcoCraft Fresh & Crispy flip-top container keeps food crispy with a high-performance ventilation system. It also prevents temperature loss. This food container can also be used for fried foods.


To-Go Boxes for Longer Distances:

When packing to-go containers for long distances, packing habits are as important as the containers in which you pack your food.


How do you pack food for extended distances?

✴ Seal freshly cooked food as quickly and safely as possible

✴ Chefs should have easy access to takeout containers in the kitchen

✴ Separate food at different temperatures

✴ Save sauces to one side

✴ Keep driving distances as short as possible

✴ Don't use containers that are too large for meals - empty space can lead to a mess

Polystyrene foam clamshells do a good job of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold, but they can break easily on long drives ...... leading to a mess. Choose a packaging solution that provides a strong seal to ensure the food still looks just as appealing when it reaches its destination.


Conclusion and other quick sustainability tips

Your restaurant's choice of take-out container should.

✴ Prevent cross-contamination

✴ Make the food look attractive

✴ Control the temperature of the food

✴ showcase your brand image

✴ Add value to the meal