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What are the Possible Failures and Solutions For the Mask Machine During Debugging and Operation?

May. 31, 2021

What should I do if there is a problem with the mask machine equipment during the debugging process? Today everyone will solve this problem. Below we enumerate the failures that may occur during the commissioning or use of the mask machine equipment, analyze the reasons, and give solutions, hoping to help everyone. As a Mask Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

Face Mask Making Machine

Face Mask Making Machine

Fault 1. Uneven welding and distortion of the workpiece.

Solution: 1. Check whether the size of the workpiece is different.

2. Check whether the operating conditions cause deformation of the work

3. Adjust the buffer speed or pressure.

Fault two, the base support is not stable.

Solution: 1. Improve the support point where necessary.

2. The base is redesigned.

3. Replace with a hard base

4. If a large area of the bakelite is inclined, it needs to be reinforced.

Trouble three, the contact surface of the welding head, base, and workpiece is not flat.

Solution: 1. Redesign the energy conservation point to make the height uniform.

2. Adjust the level screw.

3. Check whether the contrived conditions are true.

4. Check the shape and size of the workpiece size.

5. The side is curved, and the workpiece is ribbed

6. Modify the jig to avoid bending the workpiece.

Fault four, the workpiece error is too large.

Solution: 1. Tighten the tolerance of the workpiece.

2. Re-modify the size of the workpiece.

3. Check the operating conditions (pressure, delay timing, welding timing, curing timing, etc.).

Fault five, uneven welding and improper alignment of the workpiece.

Solution: 1. Check whether the workpiece is offset during welding.

2. When checking the combination, whether the workpiece is aligned

3. Check the parallelism of welding heads, workpieces and jigs.

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